Guatemalan Portrait: Take My Picture

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Portrait: Take My Picture

This week we begin a series of up-close portraits, taken within six feet, of strangers we have encountered on the streets of Antigua Guatemala as part of the photo walks I lead. These street portraits of strangers are part of the assignments I give to the participants on my street photography walks.

By the way, I have been really busy the last few weeks with photography activities, such as photo walks, photo workshops, photo talks and artistic photo sessions on the streets of Antigua Guatemala. Last Sunday, for instance, I had the privilege to share my knowledge with the members of Atitlan’s Photo Club and later on I lead a strobist photo walk on the streets of Panajachel, Sololá.

Next Saturday I will lead my next photo walk: Hunting Sirens in the Architecture of Antigua Guatemala with your camera. This is a very interesting photo walk that forces you to look beyond the surfaces of the architecture of Antigua Guatemala, peppered with lots of historic trivia.

Today’s portrait was taken during a private photo walk I gave to a couple from Australia who are motorbiking through the Americas. Well, this is actually a portrait of a portrait taken within two feet and they didm’t even noticed. To me, the smile and the surprise of look of the other girl make the photo. What do you think?

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