Spiral Staircase at Casa Herrera in Antigua Guatemala

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The other day while I was hunting a harpy at the swanky Casa Herrera, I had the opportunity to take a few extra photographs such as this one of the spiral staircase. There are several posts related to Casa Herrera in the archives of Antigua Guatemala, but this is the first time, I believe, that I am actually posting some information on the actual Herrera House.

The quoted text below was written by SarahGuate, a researcher from the University of Texas at Austin who spent almost a year living in Casa Herrera. I have a few more photos, so we will be quoting a few more times this week. Enjoy!

This seventeenth-century mansion was originally the colonial home of the Herrera family and their centuries-old family business: the Grupo Pantaleón Sugar Holdings Company. Grupo Pantaleón is not only the largest producer of sugar in Central America (and fourth largest exporter of the sweet stuff in the world), but, more recently, has also added ethanol production and investments in major shopping malls (three in Guatemala City, one in Honduras, and another in the works in Colombia) to its repertoire of commercial pursuits. Nowadays, however, the Casa Herrera is a sort of satellite campus/research center operated by the University of Texas at Austin…

By the way, if you want to look at some of the vistas from the rooftop at Casa Herrera, click the links below:

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