Street Portrait of Japanese Jehovah Witness Evangelists in Antigua Guatemala

I really enjoy making portraits of total strangers. Either a captured or posed portrait of strangers on the streets of Antigua Guatemala brings a reward. If the portrait is made without the subject being aware, we obtain a true documentary slice of daily life in Antigua Guatemala. If the subject poses, permission was requested to make the portrait and I add another human interaction, a few smiles, a conversation, a bit of knowledge of a person and perhaps even a new contact if they give me their email or phone number.

I feel the urge to take AntiguaDailyPhoto in this new direction where I share more portraits of the people I encounter in Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding area and even a bit about them if they portraits are with permission. Perhaps, this new approach will pump the needed oxygen to continue with fresh multimedia content. Sort of people centric website. I believe this new direction will make AntiguaDailyPhoto into a much richer resource for people searching to learn and know more about the enchanting colonial town of Antigua Guatemala. What do you guys think?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Jehovah Witness Evangelists

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