Strobist Style Portrait in Antigua Guatemala

If doing portraits of strangers within three feet, on the streets of Antigua Guatemala can be difficult for many, I am setting the bar a little higher this time by doing strobist-style portraits. In other words, this means using an external flash off-camera with a light modifier such as translucent or reflective umbrella or soft box. In this instance, I used a Flashbender as a modifier for the flash gun at ¼ power over stand about three feet away from the couple on camera left.

By the way, this couple was invited to have their picture taken as they were walking by. They agreed to help and even posed for a few pictures.

This will be a new style of portraits and perhaps a new series once I get all the kinks out. Let’s just call this the alpha stage. My plan is also to collect an interesting quote or story to share with the portraits as we build a catalog of the people of La Antigua Guatemala.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Strobist Style Portrait in Antigua Guatemala

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