Portraits of Strangers: Ivan Kerner from Pequeños Grandes Mundos

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Portrait of Ivan Kerner from Pequeños Grandes Mundos

Let’s continue our series of Portraits of Strangers with this crazy Argentine: Ivan Kerner. Of course, in some case, the strangers will no longer be strangers, but friends, such is the case of Ivan and Sofía, the documentary filmmaker with him. Would you like to meet Sofía as well?

Here are his own words about his quest:

I am an Argentinian illustrator visiting nearly 40 countries in 550 days. There is one simple goal: to create art with children from cities all around the world, reaching boys and girls from different communities in every continent.

I am financing this project by my own means. However, donations via Paypal are very welcome to collaborate with the project.

On top of all of this, Ivan and Sofía, who is recording the entire trip to create a documentary film of the odyssey. If you would like to keep up with Ivan and Sofía, and perhaps even help them with a cup of coffee or a sandwich or salad, follow the white rabbit to: the website of Pequeños Grandes Mundos or on their Facebook fanpage.

Below you can watch a video clip promoting the first part of the trip:

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