Corn, Beans and Light

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Corn and Black Beans Field and Light

I enjoy talking to and interviewing the campesinos I encounter on my morning walks on the hills of the skirt of Volcán de Agua. In this instance, Don Vicente, 70, shared with me that plot he cultivates measures 9 “cuerdas”, 1 block equals 6 “cuerdas” and that he grows maize, beans, flowers, cilantro and fruits, mostly nispero and avocado. Also, he said that even though campesinos might make a little more money with other crops, they always reserve a couple of “cuerdas” of land for corn and black beans so they can feed their families. By the way, Don Vicente mentioned that normally they harvest about 2 quintales, 1 quintal equals 100 pounds, of maize and beans from each cuerda per year.

One more important thing to notice in this pictures is the fact that I walk with them as far as their fields are located and then I head back to conclude my morning walk. That’s enough exercise for me. On the other hand, once campesinos reach the land plots they cultivate, it is time to work for them.

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