Portrait of Strangers: Guatemalan Van Gogh

Another way of challenging myself with street portraits is to use an off-camera flash. This portrait of a campesino in one the villages of La Antigua Guatemala was made exactly that way. I shared a square version of this portrait on Instagram and on other social media networks and received quite the feedback. Below I share with you one of my favourite comments received thus far.

Rudy, I suggest you work on a photography book, financed by pre-sales, where you take the classic portrait paintings and re-stage them with Guatemalan subjects. I have found chapines have strong features, character on both sides of human nature, that can strongly contrast with European classic portraits. —Mario Blanco

Not a bad idea at all. Of course, now I will have to start learning about the classic European portraits. I like it a lot.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Portrait of Strangers: Campesino

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