Guatemalan Food: Kak’ik from 7 Caldos

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan gastronomy &emdash; Kakik from Los 7 Caldos, Antigua Guatemala

Here’s your illustrated Maya word of the day: Ik or hot, spicy, or picante in Spanish. You find the word Ik at the end of many Guatemalan meals such as Kak’ik and Subanik.

As I have mentioned before, Guatemalan cuisine is so rich with stews, or recados and caldos as we call them here. If the stews are watery we call them caldos and if the stews are thick we call them recados. In Guatemala we have plenty of caldos and recados and sometimes is difficult to decide whether a stew is a caldo or a recado. Take Kak’Ik for instance, which is caldo that looks like a recado. By the way, Kak’ik is the turkey stew from the Verapaces region.

Today’s picture of Kak’ik from my new favourite Guatemalan cuisine restaurant in La Antigua Guatemala: 7 Caldos, located next door to Casa Santo Domingo.

How many other Guatemalan stews can you name besides pepián, revolcado, tapado, subanik, pulique, hilachas, jocón, kak’ik, caldo de gallina, caldo de res, gallo en chicha, tiras de panza, pollo en crema, pollo a la cerveza, carne guisada, rabo en amarillo, caldo de mariscos, etc.?

If you want to watch Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods covering some of the Guatemalan exotic foods, turn to your Travel Channel or TLC this week.

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