Guatemalan Food — Rabo Encendido

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan gastronomy &emdash; Guatemalan Food — Rabo Encendido

So what do Guatemalans eat on the last Thursday of November? Pues paches, of course, just like we do every ordinary Thursday. Some may have kak’ik, others may go for an exotic dish such as Rabo Encendido, ox tail bathed on red Mayan curry.

I believe that in the nearly ten years I have publishing photo stories from La Antigua Guatemala every day, I have only covered rabo, ox tail, only twice before with Guatemalan Cuisine: Amarillo and Guatemalan Cuisine: Rabo Guisado. Rabo is not found as easily as pepian or kakik, so whenever I see it on the menu, I order it. By the way, this rabo encendido [ox tail stew] is from Los 7 Caldos restaurant. ¡Buen provecho!

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