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Rudy Giron: The Avacado Tour of Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Avacado Tour of Antigua Guatemala-7

The Avocado Tour is fairly new, a couple of months or so, yet it is one of the most fascinating and interesting activities to do in Antigua Guatemala. Especially so, if you like avocados and going the farms and plantations tours. The Avocado Tours is the perfect fit for understanding why people from Antigua Guatemala as known as Panzas Verdes or green bellies in English. I am almost certain this is the only avocado tour in the entire country.

The avocado tour starts at the main square sharing some interesting avocado trivia related to Antigua Guatemala. Then, they take out in a 20-minute shuttle ride to the avocado plantation, up in the municipality of Parramos. At the avocado farm, a family-run enterprise, they walk you through all the process of the cultivation of aguacates, as we known them in Spanish, from the seeder beds, to the grafts and onto the actual plantation. They explain everything from planting patters, irrigation, avocado diseases, harvesting seasons and how to take care of the delicious fruit. After walkabout through the avocado trees, they show you the processing and shipping facilities. Lastly but not least, they teach you how to prepare a simple guacamol, avocado sauce, which you can eat with the freshly-made tortillas. They also have different smoothies for sale, including of course, the avocado smoothie. Simply delicious.

This is one of the most interesting and fun activities one can do in Antigua Guatemala. Make sure you book an avocado tour next time you’re in Guatemala [Reservations at +502-5126-7940]. They offer tours in the morning, starting at 9am and in the afternoon, starting at 2pm; although I am sure if you contact them they can accommodate your time preferences.

Below I share a few of the images captured during the tour. Enjoy!

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