Crowded Flowers Stands the Day before All Saints Day


Every year October 31st is the best day for flowers vendors as the sales skyrocket for the entire week as everyone is buying flowers to take to cemeteries and for the Day of the Dead shrines.

This year, sales even began a few days before October 31st as the national government order all cemeteries and necropolis to be close for October 31, November 1 and 2 as a way to cancel or at least minimize the usual crowds found on Día de Todos los Santos, All Saints Day and Día de los Fieles Difuntos, Day of the Dead.

Of course, the mercados and puestos de flores, flower stands, were packed. 2020 had the best days for Halloween, Saturday, October 31, which happens to be the largest market day in Antigua Guatemala as well; All Saints Day on Sunday and Day of the Dead on Monday, November 2nd. Too bad all the commemorations were canceled.

How different will Halloween will be in your corner of the world?

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