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PHOTO STOCK: Portrait of a Selfie — The Bride and Groom

Another Portrait of a Selfie at Calle del Arco

Years ago, perhaps as long as a decade, I began making portraits of selfies. Believe it or not, this is not the first time I captured a bride and groom doing a selfie. Take a photographic tour through the many portraits of selfies found in the archives of Enjoy!

Selfies and the Maya

Often during the photo walks I lead around town, people ask me if the Maya don’t like to be photographed. I say …

The Wedding Selfies

Of course people still hire a professional photographer to capture their wedding ceremony, but many still use their mobile camera phone to …

Christmas Lights Decorations at Parque Central

Christmas Lights Decorations at Parque Central

In additions to the over 100,000 Christmas lights installed in every tree of the Parque Central, this year they added Christmas lights sculptures like the one shown above so people can take their selfie… TAP to see the full size photos and post.

Antigua Makes Me Happy — Take 3

La Antigua Guatemala is an equal-opportunity destination; the entire family gets a chance to charge up with good vibes and energy. And …

Mayan Textiles and Smartphones

The sight of smartphones next the Mayan textiles is quite common now in Antigua Guatemala. For better or worse, Mayas taking selfies …