The selfie-stick has arrived to the streets of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Selfie-stick has arrived to Antigua Guatemala

Believe it or not, La Antigua Guatemala is another fallen city under the spell of narcissists who now have access to very inexpensive Chinese selfie-sticks being sold on the streets and central market. You can put a dot over Central America as another region infected by self-obsession and telescoping sticks.

Since we are in an election year in Guatemala, I do hope that selfie-stick regulations are put on the agenda of all city mayor candidates. I mean, I want to know what sort of protections will be set in place for the few of us who do not want to own a selfie-stick. Also, what kind of selfie-stick dangers awareness campaign will be run to minimize the accidents of those telescoping sticks.

You think I am kidding around, but check the video below about dangers cause by the egotistical specimens of visual self-obsessions.

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