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San Francisco El Grande Niche

This niche and statue of San Francisco (Saint Francis) can be found at the entrance of the façade looking north of Iglesia …

Antigua Colonial Niche

This has to be one of the more elaborate niches I have seen around Antigua Guatemala, except for the niches on the …

Casa Antigüeña: The Niches

Of course, big part of the beauty of the Casa Antigüeña is found in its details, like the niches that can host …

Nacimiento Shrine Niche at Capilla de Belén

One important aspect of this particular Nacimiento is the fact that Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt managed to get himself in the picture of the Nativity shrine. For those who are not well verse in Catholic imagery, myself included, normally the Nativity scene shows Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus along with a few animals. No, Santo Hermano Pedro could not be present there since he was born about 1600 years later, give or take a few moons. Rather, the inclusion of his image, on the right, is to celebrate and to remember that is was Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt who introduced the Nacimiento and Posadas to the American Continent, to La Antigua Guatemala if you want to be precise, and from this old town, this celebration was taken to the rest of the continent.

Saint in Niche in San Lazaro Church

One aspect I forgot to mention was that there is full-size church inside the San Lazaro Cemetery in La Antigua Guatemala which I believe goes by the same name. There are some niches in the church façade, just like in many churches around Antigua Guatemala.

Niche Market in La Antigua Guatemala

No, I don’t think you were thinking about this niche market. Although these kind of niches are the origin for the concept of niche market. Well, the play on words may not work completely in English as it does in Spanish. Nicho is the Spanish term for niche and it applies to the market place, to an architectural recess, a niche can be applied to a hollow, crack, crevice, or foothold, and from there to hollow structured pictured above to receive the dead.

Niche at Posada del Ángel

Okay, not much time today and you need something light every once in a while. Here is a little niche, nicho in Spanish, found at Posada del Ángel, which is small luxury hotel in La Antigua Guatemala. I have shown other photos of this gorgeous bed and breakfast.

Pizza for the masses during Lent BY RUDY GIRON

Pizza for the masses during Lent

For better or worse, pizza has carved a niche among the street food offerings found during Cuaresma [Lent] and Semana Santa [Holy …

Catholic Decorations: San Miguel

La Antigua Guatemala has to be most catholic town in Guatemala, heck make that Central America. Nowhere is Catholicism more solidly embedded …