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Doorway Beam Texture Wallpaper

Not only in walls can you find textures in La Antigua Guatemala; sometimes even wooden beams can provide moth-eaten textures. If you …

Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper 2

I could spend a good hour photographing all aspects of La Tienda de Doña Gavi and perhaps bring you a series… but …

Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper

In September 2007, I brought to you the façade and sign of La Tienda de Doña Gavi, remember? Today I bring to …

What Makes Guatemalans Hot?

There you go again thinking I am going to give you the recipe for Guatemalanness… wrong. But, I can do share what …

Volcán de Agua Wallpaper

Here’s another wallpaper for your desktop as an appreciation for a donation someone made today towards the hosting bills. Thanks! I know …

The Best Fiambre in the World

I don’t know why the word salad brings all kinds of vegetables to mind. Fiambre is a salad, but it mostly has meats, all kinds: sausages, hams, chicken, sea food, meats pork and beef. It is Domino’s or Pizza Hut that has a meat lover’s pizza with a mere 5 meat. Move over meat lover’s pizza; fiambre has over 25 meats.

Old Wall with Electric Meter Desktop Wallpaper

Here is yet another textured old wall that can be used as wallpaper or desktop image in your computer. This image even includes the electric meter so you can keep a log of how much electricity you are using while in front of your computer. ;-)

Remember that you can also browse the Wallpapers category for another 7 images of La Antigua Guatemala that can be used as wallpaper or desktop images for your desktop PC, Mac or Linux workstation. To download the images as wallpapers, all you need to do is click the photos in this site and you will be taken to a larger-size image (1600í—1200) that you can download. The rest depends on the operating system you use.

Rain Drops over a Nopal Pad Wallpaper

You just have to be a bit more creative with the rain and the white and gray skies. For instance, a visit to our garden for some macro photos gave us this close-up shot of two rain drops on top a nopal penca (cactus pad) to be used as a possible wallpaper for your desktop computer. If you would like other Antigua Guatemala wallpapers for your computer, please, take a look at the wallpapers category. I hope you like options available there. Let me know either way.

Electric Wire Grid and Volcanoes Wallpaper

Although this image is not as elegant and clean as the one shown in Fire and Acatenango Volcanoes Wallpaer, I thought some of you may enjoy having it as wallpaper for your desktops. If you do, download th image (1600×1200) Electric Wire Grid and Volcanoes Wallpaper.

I don’t know why I have a fascination for this horrible electric wire grids or webs that break up into pieces, the otherwise, gorgeous sky line around La Antigua Guatemala. Well you can at least use this visual noise as wallpapers for your computer.