Jardín Antigüeño: Nazareno

Jardín Antigüeño:  Nazareno

Throughout the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto.com you can find many of the plants and flowers available in and around the Antigua Guatemala gardens. In fact, I even created the Guateflora category to host some of the findings.

This week we will feed the Guateflora and Wallpaper categories with flowers commonly found in the jardín antigüeño, the Antiguan garden. Some, if not all, all the pictures of flowers in this week mini series can also work as computer wallpapers, so if you find something you like, please make sure you download it now.

Today’s flower goes by the common name of Nazareno, Nazarene, which is interesting purple or violet-colored flower with two shades in each of its shapes. The scientific name for the Nazareno flower is Petrea voubilis, a native plant of Guatemala, which grows in temperate weather, just like the weather in La Antigua Guatemala, with low irrigation and blossoms all year long if kept under the sun. Source: Guate Flora: Plantas ornamentales más utilizadas en jardí nes guatemaltecos (Guate Flora: Ornamental Plants Most Often Used in Guatemalan Gardens).

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