Guatemalan candies

Guatemalan candies

First of all the answer for yesterday question is candies. These are artisan candies and Antigua is one of the best places in Guatemala to buy them. Please, watch out your sugar intake, these candies are very sweet and delicious.

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  • Liz

    Wow! I love candies and I cant’t resist at these candies…yummy yummy

  • Sweet and delicious! Those are very powerful adjectives!! Who can’t resist them!

  • They look delicious! Now I want some.

  • We have some of these in Mexico too… I would love to taste the ones made in Guatemala.

    Beautiful use of the colors Rudy.

  • Thanks for your comment about my Circular Quay picture, very much appreciated coming from someone whose work I really enjoy. Most others commented on the story (and I like the idea of adding a little story to the photo) but you were the one who commented on the photo itself. And I was really proud of that zigzag pattern too.
    Keep entertaining us with your colourful images of Guatemala. I visited the country 20 years ago and spent a day in Antigua. Had ‘pimientos rellenos’ in a cantina and remember it to this day, it was so spicy!!!!!

  • Nathalie, you probably mean “chiles rellenos” even though you are right about the kind of capsicum which is pimiento. I posted a photo of chiles rellenos in my Guatemalan Cuisine series back in July 13th. Check it out, you might enjoy the photo and, who knows, maybe even feel nostalgic about it.

  • I really like your yesterday’s post. I never get bored with colorful pictures! and these candies look yummy!

  • Flor

    Hello, Im looking towards traveling my beautiful country after 20 yrs.! I belive you were doing an excellent job in keeping us (people who dont live in Guatemala) informed , please keep doing that..I would like to learn more about my roots, culture trends, places to visit , etc. your site is informative!