Pick your color #2

Pick your color #2

If you love the bougainvillea flowers as much as Pamela does, and you don’t want to move to a secret island called Tenerife, you better move to La Antigua where buganvilias blossom year-round, people are nice, the weather is fabolous, and the houses are so expensive that you will have to sell two houses in the U.S. so you can buy one here. 🙁

Just in case you missed yesterday’s entry.

    The rules of the game are very simple:

  1. You look at the photo,
  2. You pick one single color and
  3. You leave a comment tell us what color you picked and why?

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  • Thank you for yet another link Rudy. Yeah, you’d be getting towards needing to sell two US priced houses to buy one here too. Personally, I prefer the peach/orange shades of bougainvilleas, because it is softer, but they do always look beautiful.

  • I’m wondering why houses are so expensive there? Is it because all the rest of the world has “discovered” Antigua and there’s lots of competition for housing?

  • Yes, real estate prices in touristy places throughout the world have gone through the roof in the past few years.
    Here I will pick the soft golden hue of the wall. I could live in a house that colour, it is warm and welcoming. I would keep the bougainvillea too of course, but I wouldn’t mind if it came in a different colour.

  • PS – today in Sydney, the colour of the day is blue, come and have a look!

  • i love the flowers on the house.

  • Pamela: I wonder if you have the magenta bougainvilleas in Tenerife?

    Annie: the reason houses are so expensive in Antigua Guatemala is because the town can not grow anymore either horizontal or vertically. It is almost like the situation of New York, the only difference being that NYC can not grow anymore because there is no more space to do it. Antigua, in the other hand, can not grow anymore because of laws protecting it.

    Nathalie: I can believe you people do like magenta bougainvilleas.

    Patsy: so do I.