Antigua’s Market Fruit and Vegetable Stand

Antigua's Market Fruit and Vegetable Stand

Please, do not attack this fruit and vegetable stand with your liquidiser. Your blender would probably work better at this tropical fruit stand and for sure the smoothies would taste better.

Ha, I am a cheater! I post a photo like today’s and pass it as extraordinary, while it really is just an everyday-life shot in the La Antigua Guatemala’s market. Well, who knows, maybe the jocotes are still exotic to your eyes?

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  • Ok, so I’m off now to get a towel to clean the drool off my computer!! I’m so jealous. We never have fruit that beautiful here in the middle of the USA!! Maybe apples….but I miss the variety (and QUALITY) of the fruit in Latin America. Thanks for this photo!

  • I absolutely love the colors in this photo.

  • I think it is a nice shot of a local business. It makes sense to me. I just look at the netting bags or containers and wonder how the lady got all the fruit to market. Surely not on her own back.

    Today, the final pictures of the series, “A Day in the Life of a Robin,” is online. I couldn’t decide which picture to use. I hope you get to see them.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  • Excellent photo! Delicious pashte mango, I miss them.

  • i would like a chance to taste that fruit.

  • Nice photo of the fruit. Those pineapples look wonderful.

  • Jerry

    The colors of Guatemala. I so love the outdoor markets and colorful food diplayed. I saw some huge ears of roasted corn in this market one day. Wasn’t hungry, but sure did want to try it. As usual, good job, Rudy. I wish I had fresh market like this near me. All we have is Wal-mart UGH.

  • To truly appreciate the beauty of your land, one must visit. It’s true; this is a common sight. The weaving and the arts and crafts,too,are feasts for the eyes. Lovely photograph.

  • The colors are wonderful. Makes me want to eat more fruit.

  • The fruit is pretty, but I can’t tear my eyes away from her blouse. That skirt in the background is pretty interesting, too. I have a thing for textiles.

  • Look at that face. Thoughtful? Tired? Both? Maybe she was daydreaming about going home early that day. Maybe she was just wondering why she had to be there and not on a cruise ship enjoying life and sipping martinis…

    Cheers, Rudy.

  • Beautiful people, beautiful photo.

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  • Jarinarest

    i need the pics of auntiga fruits and vegetables

  • Jarinarest

    can enyone help