Theme Day: Typical Breakfast

Guatemalan Breakfast

I almost forgot today is theme day for the City Daily Photo community and that La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is participating. The theme for today is a “typical breakfast” and since I did not remember to photograph what I had this morning I have to go back to the archives to find a typical Guatemalan breakfast. The photo above is the Pollo Campero fast-food version of the typical Guatemalan breakfast.

Basically, the Guatemalan breakfast includes black beans, eggs, coffee and maize tortillas or bread; it may also include fried plantain, cream, creese, Guatemalan longaniza (sausage) and chirmol sauce. The black beans can be served parados or whole, revueltos or refried and licuados or liquified. The eggs can be served sunny side up like the picture above, boiled or scrambled.

This version of the Chapin breakfast is called: Huevos Divorciados (Divorced eggs) because it has two sunny-side-up eggs, each with its own sauce. The green sauce is made with miltomate (tomatillos) and the red sauce with regular roma tomatoes. More on Latin American salsas (sauces) on Wikipedia. Bon appetite!

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  • THis has to be one of the best sites when it comes to breakfast time, new info and local knowledge, bright photo, the food is not for the faint hearted!

  • The salsas look awesome!

  • Interesting to know what kind of breakfast you have there but I think I will be happy to have it as my lunch caused I love only sweet things in the morning

  • Looks very colourful, but I think I prefer cornflakes for breakfast.

  • This is one of the most interesting theme-day posts I’ve read! Thanks for all the details about the food, I really feel like I’ve learnt something. And I could definitely eat this for breakfast. 🙂

  • i don’t think people there eat a lot of pork, right? we in arkansas have pork if we can.

  • How interesting – sounds like a big boost of flavour to start the day with!!!

  • Un desayuno muy apetitoso y abundante. La arepa es hecha de maiz amarillo y chicharrones de cerdo (tocino en pedacitos) es gruesa (un poco mas del doble de una tortilla) y de un sabor muy rico. Se come todos los dias aunque hacerla en las casas no es tan facil pues el maiz requiere un proceso especial para quitarle la cascara (se quita con cenizas). De todas formas visite esta pagina y las podra ver en foto y si akgun dia visita Bucaramanga, la invitacion corre por mi cuenta.

  • Monica

    Yum, yum, yum! This photo makes my mouth watery! Not fair to show this to us Guatemalans in a foreign country. On my last visit to Guatemala I ate this almost every morning or as many morenings as I could. I also introduced my English boyfriend to it and he loved it. For anyone who hasn’t had a Guatemalan Breaky, try it once and it will be difficult not to have themas often as possible…

    Gracias Rudy!

  • Love the colours for a start and bet the smells are just as good. Mouthwatering, I’m sure.

  • Looks spicy! Love the plantains.

  • JW

    My favorite part of breakfast were the plantains, black beans, and cream. Yum.

  • This is fast food?! Wow. Even the colors go well together. Good shot!

  • Rudy, an excellent way to start the day. Great explanation as always to go with a colorful photo. Ciao!

  • Geoffrey

    Wow. It would be great if the Pollo Camperos here in Southern California would serve this breakfast.

  • Rudy, Geoffrey took the words out of my mouth. As much as I love Campero Desayunos, I hate what they done to campero in the states, but is based on demographics…sad…

  • Chad

    I miss Guatemalan breakfasts!

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