The Rellenito Transaction

A Rellenito Transaction

Last time I showed rellenitos here, was a photograph taken at home with control conditions of light and presentation. The photo was taken as a request by Carmen who was having antojos (cravings).

This time the photo was taken at the rellenitos stall located in the park, right next the El Calvario Church, right where the Walter William Road Monument is installed. At the present moment, the cost of one rellenito is Q2.50/US$0.32.

If you want to know what rellenitos are, please, visit the link to Guatemalan Cuisine: Rellenitos.

I will begin taking photos for the Guatemalan Atoles series, which hopefully, we can start next week. Please, keep your cravings under control in the mean time. 😉

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  • MO

    YUMMY…. Those rellenitos looks so good.
    After the Atoles series can you do a mangos and naranjas series?
    Please?!?! One picture of a mango verde con sal, chile, pepita and limon en bolsa is all I ask. Please…please..
    Se me hace agua la boca!

  • Raquel

    Oh man, green mangoes! MMmmmmmm! yes please!

  • coltrane_lives

    Niiiiiiiiice Rudy!

  • I am glad to find a site that shows beautiful pictures of Guatemalan Cuisine, but I am disappointed I could not find the recipes of the food, it would be very useful, if you posted the recipes of each food photo you post underneath the picture.

  • sompopo

    I’ll take an order of those please…..Yummmm


    I want some !!

  • You know what craving I am having right now: rellenitos covered with condensed milk… the best. I would be careful before accusing a woman of having cravings 😉

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