Esquisuchil Tree in San Pedro Las Huertas

Esquisuchil Tree in San Pedro Las Huertas

What’s so special about the Esquisuchil trees around La Antigua Guatemala?

For starters, the esquisuchil trees (bourreria huanita) are very old and very few. Quite possibly, the oldest specimen is located in San Miguel Escobar where it was planted by Guatemala’s first bishop Francisco Marroquin in the 16th century. From the esquishuchil tree in San Miguel Escobar, the Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt (1626-1667) took pods and planted several trees around La Antigua Guatemala, being the most famous located inside the San Francisco El Grande Church; his burial grounds.

Most, if not all, of the esquisuchil trees around La Antigua Guatemala have plaques to highlight their importance and give out background information. The specimen of esquisuchil tree in the park of San Pedro Las Huertas is not an exception. If you can read Spanish, you can click the thumbnail below to read the plaque.

Plaque for Esquisuchil Tree in San Pedro Las Huertas

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Guatemala, let’s hope I can get a shot of all the mamas!

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  • A while ago, my mom gave me a small rosary, which packed a singular smell, reminiscent of a walk LAG around these trees and which made me think of LAG and my mom immediately…the rosary had a paper enclosed that stated the story of how el Santo Hermano Pedro had planted the trees. Looking at this picture, I remember my mom who is far away physically, but close at heart. Thank you for always providing us pictures that make us think, remember, and cherish life events. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!

  • coltrane_lives

    And the white paint on the tree trunks? Could you explain? I used to think the paint was just a reminder to motorisits to watch out for the trees!

  • Carmen, I forgot to mention the very peculiar smell of the Esquisuchil tree… thanks for filling in the holes. 🙂

    Coltrane_lives, white paint at the bottom of the tree trunks is for aesthetic and health reasons… the white paint is really lime stone which is used to control plagues like insects and keep the trees healthy.

  • Donna

    Is this also the tree that has the fruit that sort of looks like a plum and when you open it -it has a purple ish pink flesh?? I ate a fruit like that off the trees in that square-quite delicious!~

  • Donna, I don’t think this is the tree you are thinking about. I believe the fruit you mentioned is caimito.

  • coltrane_lives

    Thanks for the info Rudy.

  • Donna

    Yes-Rudy, Thanks for the info!