Antigüeño Shadows

Antigüeño Shadows

I know I have a problem… what can I say, I like to photograph shadows. Shadow Casting Lamp and Before Sunset in La Antigua Guatemala are just two more samples of my addiction.

Should I look for help?

By the way, from this point forward, you can buy prints from any photo available at La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo and in the process help support my efforts to keep and maintain this site. Thanks!

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    You need Help ?? I DON’T THINK SO I Love Sunsets and shadows KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING Sincerely Thomas Wheeler [ Dona Luisa Antiqua-via Palmyra Wisconsin]

  • You don’t have a problem at all, just a different outlook. I reaaly like your shadow lamp, I must to it jumoed out at me in the portal as an interesting image.

  • MO

    This one is a classic! Love the shot…looks like it’s painted on the wall. I think this one will make it to my top 12 shots of 2008…..then again there are 6 more months of daily pictures.

  • tom

    Rudy, you never need to apologize for your photos! I like your unique perspective and interests…keep up the good work. I’d like to forward one of my own favorite Antigua shots…which just happens to be a shadow!! 🙂 but I can’t figure out how. Let me know what to do. Tom

  • MO

    I got my pictures today! They are great. Photo lab in New York “Adorama” did a great job packaging the photos. Can’t wait to frame my 8×10 and hang it. My wife and daughter love the picture too. Payment coming your way very soon. Thanks for everything! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

  • I say go with it !

  • MO, no man, YOU ARE THE MAN! Many thanks for being the first reader of LAGDP to buy a 8×10 print from a photo of LAGDP. I am happy to hear the violinist found a good home with caring wife and daughter. Please, extent my gratitude to them.

  • Very cool photo!