First Güisquil from Orchard

First Güisquil from Orchard

I present to you the first güisquil, also known as chayote or perulero, from our back yard orchard. Güisquiles are such an integral part of the Guatemalan diet that sometimes you find it in the most unusual dishes. Güisquiles are also very important vegetable from the milpa crop as mentioned by Charles C. Mann in his book 1491.

You can find güisquiles in caldos, in Guatemalan chilaquiles, which basically are two slices of güisquil with a piece of cheese between the slices and then wrapped with egg batter and fried. Boy, just about now, this first güisquil, perulero-type, is looking very tasty. 😉

What other dishes which include güisquil can you think of?

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  • Cind

    iiiFelicidades!!! That is a great photo and what wonderful first product from your gardening labors!
    The recipe sounds yummy too. We do get green ones way up here in Washington state. I am going to try that recipe.

  • Raquel

    Mmm, my house mother would make a thick green soup with guisquil. It was one of my favorite dishes.

  • Erika


  • Chancletas! My grandma used to make them…didn’t like them much back then, I couldn’t get past the fact that it was a dessert with güisquil. I’d love to eat my Grandma’s dishes again though.

  • Claudia

    If it is a perulero, you can boil it and then cut in half dip in breadcrumbs and fry it – it is delicious as well.

  • I discovered this vegetable while in Antigua last year. It definitely replaced the potato from my diet. Have you try to fry them like French fries? !Delicioso!

  • Yanny

    Hello soy de Guatemala pero vivo en USA quisiera saber si alguien me puede ayudar a conseguir el numero de la iglesia alli en cuidad vieja me pienso casar en Agosto y me gustaria aparte lugar en la iglesia gracias se los voy agradecer mucho porfavor.

  • Yanny

    Yeap chancletas was one of the best things I just to eat them when I just to leave back home I miss all that but at the same time I thank God to be a good Guatemalan girl! keep going with our recipe.

  • Pattie

    Yum-yum! I love guisquil dulce….cooked with brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon stick.

  • Lance Hill

    May I use this photo for our non-protit guide to growing chayote?