Guatemalan Bread Sampler: Name the Bread

Guatemalan Bread Sampler

Details, details, details.

To celebrate the first anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto on May 1st, 2007, I published a sampler photo of sweet bread from Guatemala which included tortas, cubiletes, champurradas, cemitas and other such goodies. The Guatemalan sweet bread sampler was a hit and still remains among the most visited and commented of the over 1,057 pages.

Around the time, I learnt that our good friend Manolo was having a hard time finding champurradas (a sort flat, tortilla-like sweet bread, similar to a cookie) in Toronto. Other Guatemalans echoed his complains about not finding good Guatemalan bread in the U.S.

Well I happy to report that thanks to Amanda from, you can now order a whole bunch of Guatemalan sweets and have them delivered to your own door asap. I see Magdalenas, champurradas, tortas among the offerings of; which by the way means Antigua Flavors and Colors.

Now since we have been talking about details, don’t you think it would make a lovely detail to ship some Guatemalan sweets to your sweetheart, friend, mother, sisters, brothers, et-cetera?

Now, here are the rules for the game. The first person who can name all the Guatemalan bread pieces in the photo above and leave the names in the comments will receive this photo via regular mail from La Antigua Guatemala. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  • That looks delicious. I love bread. I have Italian bread a lot with pasta.

  • cynthia s

    Que rica! I just finished my mid-morning snack at my desk and it was no where near as tasty as these breads
    appear to be. I wish I could name them. Better yet, I wish I could enjoy one right now.

  • Beth in MN

    I don’t know, but I’ll have one of each!

  • Sompopo

    Looks mighty yummy. 🙂

  • Ayer, tuve la placer de compartir un pan dulce chapín con un amigo querido. Dipped in coffee, as you mentioned in your original sweet bread post. I love the subtle sweetness of the breads, not all sticky syrupy sweet. I wish I knew the names of all the different varieties, it would make ordering en la panadería a little easier 🙂

  • Pues I see a “cachito” (not a croissant), a “besito” (pucker up!), something like a “pirujo”, the other three, one I recognize, but don’t know the name and the other ones I am not sure… is the one on the upper left corner of the “desabrido” kind?

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Rudy in 15 more days I’ll enjoy such goody’s from the Dona Luisa Hope to see You while I’m there ? Could that be possible? Sincerely Thomas

  • Ale

    Que rico! I am so very lucky to have a Guatemalan bakery near by so I can satisfy my cravings anytime I want. You know what would be great, and Rudy, if you know of place then pass it on. I would love a website that sold Guatemalan dulces to mail to the US like canillitas de leche, camotes, higos. YUM.

  • norm kwallek

    I had a little bakery across the street from me the last time I was in Guatemala. I speak no Spanish so buying my morning bread was by hand signs and a palm full of coins to pay. The bread was cooked in a wood fired oven and came with a bit of charcoal dust, very tasty. The first day my bread cost about a dollar, very cheap by US standards, by the end of my two week stay, it was down to about 12 cents. Same bread but I had turned into a local so I got it for regular price.

  • Herber

    1 cachito, 2 besitos, 1 pirujo, 1 campechana y un gusanito

  • Eric

    Wow, Rudy, I will echo the first few comments … I can only say that at the moment, I do not know what any of the items are called, but they look sooooo goooooood!
    I am counting down the days until June, when I can take my next visit to La Antigua. The photos of the goodies make me count faster. Excelente !

  • I’ve always loved your first bread post, as I didn’t take any while I was in Guatemala, and this is another great picture. Thanks Rudy.

    My favorite was always the Conchas. Delish!

  • @Herber, please send me your mailing address through the contact form and I will mail you the photograph.

    @Ale, if you want canillitas de leche and other Guatemalan sweeties, please, let Amanda from what you want and she will be happy to include new desserts in her menu.