Weekend en (La Antigua) Guatemala

Weekend en La Antigua Guatemala

Here are the elements of a weekend photo of LAG on a weekend afternoon:

The Bride and Groom
The locals (whatever that means)
The tourists
The hippies
The old cars
The motorcycle
The ice cream cart

Loteria! Every picture you take from anywhere around el parque central (is it called that way in LAG?) plays like a game of Loteria (sometimes even with El Borracho thrown in the mix).

Guatemala is a land of contrasts, and in that sense, La Antigua is where these contrasts are more visible. The “metropoli” of Central America keeps reinventing itself century after century and I wonder if I would recognize her as that hangout for my middle class youth, that “centre of the universe” around which my life seems to orbit. What it is still true, is that LAG is the destination of many middle class “ladinos”, like me in other times and every time I visit the motherland, for their weekend afternoons. The capital of the kingdom, full of criollismo and paternalism. With reminders of the power of a class that felt trapped between their European ancestors (that treated them like second class citizens) and the local natives, who were trying to protect their identity from the violent conquest and subsequent colonization. That is the charm of La Antigua, the hometown of Francisco de Fuentes y Guzman chronicler of the kingdom. It can be said, that it is the city where the idea of Guatemala, as a country, as a nation was born. That experiment on eternal feudalism where I left my navel. Don’t let the cobblestone streets and the clay roof tiles fool you, La Antigua is a stronghold, a fortress, a survivor of a time where everyone was still in their place within the colonial social structure. Reborn after earthquakes and exodus as a souvenir a monument to us, ladinos & criollos.

¡Viva La Muy Noble y Muy Leal, Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala!
¡Capital del Reyno de Goathemala!

text and photo by Manolo Romero Escobar

Manolo Romero Escobar portraitAbout Guest Contributor: Manolo Romero Escobar is a Guatemalan ex-patriate that calls Canada his godmotherland. Self-exiled and retired blogger is enamoured with the art of science, particularly psychological research and methodology.

© 2009 – 2013, Manolo Romero Escobar. All rights reserved.

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  • Hello Manolo, i just wanted to quote what you published in your site

    “LAGDP (the mother of all blogs if you ask me)”

    Bienvenido y entonces te leeremos x aca.

    un saludo.

  • Manolo, it is great to see you are writing again, ;O) I very much enjoyed how you portrayed Antigua in such few words… Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MO

    What version of Manolo wrote this?

  • Hope you keep on writing, otherwise we’ll make you write about a night in LAG when you come in december :=)

  • Eric

    Gracias, Manolo. As an outsider who only discovered La Antigua (indeed, Guatemala) a few years ago, I am always amazed at how all the elements come together in this beautiful city. Now I gladly climb into some flying tin can just to experience “The capital of the kingdom” for as much time as I can muster. Excellent commentary. Hasta la proxima !

  • @Manolo, boy, you do have a way with words. I have reread you entry several times to find out where the trick is… I could not find it. I mean how did you described so well La Antigua Guatemala with so little words.

    I second you brother’s request and warning, you have to continue writing otherwise we will get you really drunk with Mozas on a bohemian night in La Antigua Guatemala and make you write everything about it. 😉

  • Manolo, very well done! Beautifully written!

  • Manolo

    @neavilag It was definitely not my idea to link to my former skin (elToronteco), although as a retired blogger I still have that self-centeredness we all share.

    @Arturo thanks, is your belly turning green already?

    @MO No more updates, although I am thinking of becoming a google app.

    @RomeroGT I really really need to start writing about theories of measurement, although I don’t know how bloggable that is… <a href="http://mixedreviews.wordpress.com"although
    @Eric. thanks for your comment… is good to have comments from ppl with different perspectives. a la prochain indeed.

    @Rudy happy now 😛 it seems not 😀 Thanks pal, for the space and your comment. I reread it too and I don’t find anything special, besides the bad English.

    @Suzanne See the reply for Rudy, but thanks for reading anyway. 🙂

  • ;O) It will be difficult for my belly, hahahaha!!!!! Not impossible, eh, ;O) CheerS!!!