Guatemalan Cuisine: Longanizas

Guatemalan Cuisine: Longanizas

I will let you guys do the caption for this photo by digging through the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto. Here are the hints: Churrasco and Convivio.

Guatemalan Film Trailers Aside: Once again, we continue showing trailers of Guatemalan films and short films. This is the trailer for Puro mula, the first film by Best Picture System. Puro mula was recently film between August and September 2009 in Guatemala City. “I hope you like the trailer, and if you do, give us money to finish it” the caption reads. 🙂

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  • Rudy, it is not fair, I’m starving again!!!! ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • Sheny

    Que tortura para los que estamos a tan larga distancia!! : (

  • ¡Qué sabrosura! todo eso más guacamolito y frijoles volteados con queso de capas (no hay otro que rechine igual)…

  • Ah, hey, China Godoy, congratulations!!!!!!! (on the trailer, the girl that holds the cell phone is China Godoy) My Cousin!!!!! Coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jose

      Felicidades, muy guapa la prima.

  • Raquel

    this looks amazing! (both the food and the movie…) I just wish my spanish was better so I could fully enjoy that movie – looks like a gooder!

  • In spite of a recent run-in with Montezuma’s revenge because of undercooked longaniza, it still remains my favorite of Guatemalan sausages. Yum!