About Today’s Afternoon

Parque de La Unión

This afternoon seems to have been one of the best of the year, and quoting Rudy: Linda tarde de enero en La Antigua Guatemala con un tiempo estupendo… He was absolutely correct and although I managed to get out of the house a bit late and almost missed the sunset, I was still able to capture these images to share with you.

Anyway, let’s hope that through some of the landscapes we have in the country, we can get people to enjoy more of the Guatemala and focus on reducing violence… What do you think, can violence be reduced through the appreciation of beauty? I hope so!

Enjoy the photos!

text and photos by Arturo Godoy

Tanque de La Unión 1 Tanque de La Unión 2

© 2010 – 2013, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  • Great sunset colors and wonderful silhouettes!

  • Thank you very much Lief!!! Cheeeers!!!!!!

  • “What do you think, can violence be reduced through the appreciation of beauty?” THAT’S A GREAT PLACE TO START!

    Engaging main photo Arturo! 😉

  • Laura, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! Cheeeeeeers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lovely pic, so relaxing and warm. none violent thoughts.

  • Very nice ! I love the 2 at the bottom !

  • Sheila, thank you very much!!!!!!!! Yes, that’s one of the things I love about landscapes (sunrises/sunsets included) that all inspire peaceful and hopeful thoughts, ;O)

    Celine, thank you very much too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O)