Guatemalan Weekend Fashion

Guatemalan Weekend Fashion

The people from Guatemala City are known as capitalinos; residents of the Capital city. Women from Guatemala City would be capitalinas. La Antigua Guatemala is a popular weekend destination for capitalinos (as) since it’s only an hour separates the Old Guatemala City from the New Guatemala City. So, it is on the weekends that we can see what’s in fashion and trendy in Guatemala City.

Today’s photograph came to be by pure accident, chaos, synchronicity or serendipity; call it what you want. I was taken shots on Calle del Arco when I noticed the Pollo Campero truck parked at one of the intersections, displaying Campero’s advertising. Since earlier I had already taken other pictures depicting the sponsorship of the Holy Week, I thought I should continue capturing photos showing the penetration of businesses in celebrations and traditions. So, there I was trying to focus and frame the truck’s advertising just right when these two capitalinas literally walked into the picture. The split-second decision was easy, I pressed the shutter release. 😉

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Guy

    How can you be so sure that they are capitalinas? Las fachas…?
    Did you ask?
    One’s holding a notebook. Could be a student.

  • @Guy, good question… I am just assuming.

  • Erick

    I don’t care where they’re from. Rudy, you’re my hero.

  • Catherine from Oregon

    I have a question for the group. When our surgery team comes to La Antigua, our women team members must follow strict rules. ( No shorts above the knee, no sleeveless tops, etc). The organization we travel under says we will be seen as …. well, you get the idea.
    So, my question is…. Is this a truth for women in La Antigua? How would older guatemalans view this ladies dress ( I think she looks quite beautiful – but I see her through american eyes who are used to this style of dress).
    I have always been curious about this …. Comments please!

    • @Catherine, my answer was going to be just like @Antonio’s, literally word by word. I believe that with Antonio’s, Nic’s and Erick’s feedback you should get a pretty good answer. Hope to see you and dine with you in May.

      Thanks guys for coming through with the answers.

  • MO

    Snookie sighting in LAG.

    • Carlos

      ROFL!!! We have guidettes in LAG!!!

  • Antonio

    why does Rudy has to find an excuse to picture two good looking girls?

  • Antonio

    and an answer to Catherine, Antigua is a very cosmopolite city, no one will notice much how you dress, but in other parts of the country it´s diferent. anyway, if you come as doctors, people will espect you to look more concervative, even in Antigua.

  • NicWirtz

    Who set those rules Catherine? The advice from the embassies generally errs on the side of caution – for instance embassy staff are not allowed to use chicken buses because of security concerns.

    In my experience because Antigua is used to tourists and different cultures they are more tolerant.

    However, a female aquaintance was paraded naked through the streets in Pana then thrown in jail after failing to show discretion with her boyfriend.

    How you dress always sends a powerful message, Antigua is no different to the rest of the world in this respect.

    The girl in the photo may get the odd tut of disapproval but perhaps that is more because she is a capitalina, not necessarily because of her fashion statement 🙂

  • Erick

    Catherine — it could be that they’re just playing it safe and do not want to provide the locals with the “wrong impression” of the team that’s coming over to Antigua to help. In my opinion, you see all kinds of people in Antigua and dressed in many different ways — from conservative to very modern (like that gorgeous girl on the right in the picture above). When young people hit the bars/clubs at night, I’ve seen them dress like they do here in the States; but that’s just my opinion and observation.

  • En relación a todo lo anterior, simplemente la belleza de nuesta gente, en Antigua vemos siempre un poco de todo.

    Me resta decir, son unas bellezas.

  • Alex Sanz

    What Pollo Campero Truck?

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  • Mulishabmx26

    hey buddy u should to ask for her phone number hahahaha. she s gorgeous !!!

  • lol, girls don’t dress like that in the city. Just mucas. C’mon guy, get your facts straight, don’t you live in this country too?

  • David Wilson

    send them across the US border. they are wanted here.

  • Me

    Its chapin & chapinas btw wtf capitalinos DAFUQ

  • alberto

    I live in Antigua six months every year from October to April. The fashion dresses displayed in this photo is not representative of Antigua, nor of Guatemala. Guatemalan people are very conservative, especially the Mayan descendants, and all women also generally, About one percent may dress this way on special occasions such as weddings, and only American women would show so much skin, unless you go in the red-light district of the capital city. Furthermore, the girl’s (in this photo) watch, bracelet, purse and shoes are not Guatamaltecan.