Taking Down the Christmas Lights

Taking Down the Christmas Lights by Rudy Girón

Normally the Christmas light decorations are put up on Parque Central before the Burning of the Devil on the first week of December and they take them down on Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas) on February 2. This time, however, I believe the Christmas lights were up even before Thanksgiving and they were taken down until this week. This is how the illuminated tree branches look at twilight and at night.

Below there are two additional photos to add context and so you don’t get the wrong idea about the photo above.

Taking Down the Christmas Lights 1 by Rudy Girón Taking Down the Christmas Lights 2 by Rudy Girón

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  • Eric

    Sadly, we had a blizzard tear down most of the city’s decorations on Dec. 26. The 2-meter + piles of snow are finally melting, and we are discovering what’s left of decorations that have been ‘missing’ for months. 🙁
    Another great ‘day-in-the-life’ shot, Rudy. I say, if the lights make people happy, put them up in October, and leave them until March! 😀