Antigua Florida: Bougainvillea Flowers Everywhere

Bougainvillea Flowers Everywhere by Rudy Girón

The slogan of Antigua Guatemala is “La ciudad de las perpetual rosas” which translate as “the city of the perpetual roses” more or less. However, I believe that bougainvillea flowers are found more often in gardens, above walls, on river banks, in coffee plantations, in the cemetery, et cetera. Literally, bougainvillea flowers are everywhere all year long, making these colorful flowers the perfect recipient for the perpetual part of the slogan.

Also, I believe that the colorful bougainvillea flowers make La Antigua Guatemala the most florida town in Guatemala, what do you think?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    I think La Antigua could claim that title just from the walk from San Francisco El Grande down to El Calvario, alone.  The bougainvillea are everywhere !

    • Yes, lots of bougainvillea flowers in just a few blocks.

  • Antigua Friend

    I think it’s the other way around…. Florida is the state most similar to coloration to Antigua.  Antigua will always  have Florida Beat -in so many other ways.

    • Actually, I was using the adjective “florida” as a place with lots of flowers, not as the name of the State of Florida, which incidentally was named by the Spaniards with the word florida because of the many flowers found there.