Huge Bougainvillea Tree at El Pensativo River

Huge Bougainvillea Tree at El Pensativo River

Believe it or not, the dry green river bed is El Pensativo River. The other day while driving on Calle Chipilapa, which takes you to La Ermita de la Santa Cruz Ruins, I saw this huge bougainvillea tree on the other side of El Pensativo River, dry now but soon it will have running water. I never seen a bougainvillea tree so big; my wife and I saw a midget bougainvillea tree—about 1 meter in height— in Tapachula, Mexico.

As soon as I decided on the best angle, I waited for the human element to enter the scene (see tip), in this case was these two young Guatemalan girls who were coming from the marching band practice. I was lucky to have all these teenagers to fill the missing element in the picture since Calle Chipilapa is normally deserted. To take photo, I applied the same principles as in the Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church; basically it means waiting for some action to enter the viewfinder window.

Another aspect in the photo above is the white —overblown— skies which are the signs of the rainy season. Soon most of the photos will have white or gray skies. Sorry all the good light and colors are gone now.

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  • the tree is beatiful. you have such wonderful flowering trees.

  • i am not clear as to what is the dry river bed is it that ditch with the grass or the place where the people are walking?

  • Same question of patsy poor.

  • And I’d guess the river is dry because the bougainvillea drank up all the water… 😀 Those plants are absolute water-hogs; we have one outside our front door. Very pretty though!

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  • Indra Wu

    in my country(indonesia) u can find many huge bougainville tree end even more…