Sunday Morning Bicycle Rides With Family and Friends Around Antigua Guatemala

Sunday Morning Bicycle Rides With Family and Friends Around Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

As I mentioned before, If you are the kind of person that enjoys jogging or riding a bicycle, the roads around Antigua Guatemala provide an excellent opportunity to exercise and enjoy the views of the volcanoes, the green lush vegetation, colorful flowers, the aroma of the coffee and gravileas trees while inhaling some of the freshest air you can find in Guatemala. Of course, riding a bicycle with family and friends around Antigua Guatemala provides not only excise, but also bonding opportunities. For a nice bicycle ride, I recommend the roads around San Pedro Las Huertas, San Juan del Obispo, San Miguel Escobar and even Ciudad Vieja.

Have you ridden a bicycle around Antigua Guatemala before, if so, what was your favorite route?

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  • Luis

    Rudy, how safe are those roads. When I run on the skirts of La Antigua Guatemala I am always facing trafffic because vehicle drivers don’t seem to care about pedestrians or bicycle riders.

    • Yes, facing the oncoming traffic is a very good idea here and everywhere for the matter.

  • isa

    I bike often between Ciudad Vieja and Pastores and find that the drivers are normally pretty accommodating.There is a huge biking culture here and most people are accustom to driving with cyclists in mind.An idea for a photo-shoot Rudy would to go to one of these local club races.For me it’s like a time machine to the 1960’s judging by the bikes and riding styles of most of the riders

    • Yes ISA, that would be a great awesome photo shoot, keep me posted if you hear anything about the next race.

      • isi

        The guys at Lopez bikes on the road towards Ciudad Vieja organize most of the races.Jorge’s bike shop would be a great shot also.