Eating Fried Chicken at the Park

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Fried Chicken at the Park

So many people like to eat fried chicken at the parks and don’t know why. Fried chicken, by the way, has to be the most popular fast food found in Guatemala. Aside from the world-famous Pollo Campero (Remember, Resistance is Futile!), there so many fried chicken restaurants is not even funny. Some of the most popular fried chicken brands in Guatemala are Pinulito, Pollolandia, Chapincito, Pollo Chapín, etc., which other brand have you seen?

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  • NYChapin

    Los Pollos… Well Rudy, I don’t know about the rest of the people, but I can tell you about the last time I found myself eating Pollo Campero and tortillas in Parque Central. After a a couple of whirlwind days of Semana Santa, my girlfriend and I were getting a little loco. We had a fight and decided to take a time out. Fine I said, I will get some Campero ! She decided to venture on her own. Good luck I said ( thinking that she would not last 5 minutes without me !) I hit the Campero around the park and and sat on a bench to enjoy the jugoso and crujiente pollo. Boy was I wrong ! I had lost my girlfriend to the charm of Antigueños, fine food and shopping !

    She eventually came back, we hit Condesa, got some chanpurradas and started the drive back to la capital. Here is pic of the Pollo Campero in the Mission District of San Francisco

  • Luis

    It has been more than 10 years that I have eaten Pollo Campero. I can understand now why Pollo Pinulito is gaining ground on Pollo Campero. Pinulito is by far much better chicken and cheaper than Campero.
    And, the Pollo Campero in San Francisco is almost uneatable and very expensive. My wife was charged $20 for two pieces, salad and fries.
    I still don’t get it why people still eats Campero.

  • Eric

    I have not tried Pinulito yet, but i have to say…we have no less than 3 Pollo Campero restaurants in and around East Boston, and I cannot ‘resist’, because it is delicious. Actually better than the chicken I tried at PC in Guatemala. Maybe I was just lucky ? i am trying to resist, Rudy, but…it sure is delicious….!

  • JBN

    I spend two or three months a year in Antigua and Pollo Pinulito is my guilty little secret (and the reason I always need to start dieting the minute I get home). Not only is it significantly less expensive than Pollo Campero, you’re far more likely to get a batch right out of the fryer. And the skin is just unbelievably crispy; so much so, that even the leftovers are great. Good thing the one across from the mercado requires a special trip from my apartment. If I had to pass it every day I’d be in real trouble.