What Would You Like To See On AntiguaDailyPhoto During 2015

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Three Maya Children at Church

For my part, I promise to share more portraits of antigüeños, more black and white photography, more photographic series, at least ten [10] more triptychs of artisans from Antigua Guatemala [this series may become a photo exhibit], plus the additions I made to the Guatemalan Filmmaker series, etc. I believe 2015 will be THE year of the portrait for me. Stay tuned!

How about you, what would you like to see more of on AntiguaDailyPhoto in 2015?

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This a great way to support my efforts to bring you original & creative multimedia content from Antigua Guatemala EVERY DAY and get fabulous and colourful photographs to use in your personal projects.

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  • El Canche

    Firstly Rudy, a very happy New Year to you and sincerest thanks for bringing all of us readers such a colourful, inspirational, informative and professionally creative website of the city we all love. My year would not be the same without it.
    For 2015, I would like to see peoples’ homes; from the modest to the most extravagant! I have been reading with interest how those on your photo walks gain in confidence snapping people; how much more could the master achieve finding a way into local homes and showing us how the other half lives…..where possible with a human story!

    • Okay Canche, I am adding your requests to my list for 2015. Sorry I am barely catching up with comments, but I have been very busy this past 10 days. I promise I will not let comments slide without a response for more than 72 hours.

  • Jeannine

    …more gorgeous photos like this one – of the incredibly beautiful guatemalan people !!! ( I love the buildings in Antigua too, but there’s nothing more heartwarming than pictures of happy, smiling Guatemalans !!)

    • Oh Jeannine, you can count on having many more portraits of people living or working in Antigua Guatemala.

  • SpiralCee

    Happy New Year!
    I love all your photos but the ones that I find most fascinating are the things that are uniquely Guatemalan. Perhaps it’s hard to know what those are if you live there! Maybe just take pictures of the small things that would surprise a tourist.
    Plus, just for me, more photos of animals and nature. I’m a zoologist and I’m super excited to be moving to Guatemala this year just to be able to see so many new species.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    • Thanks for the suggestions SpiralCee, I will add them to my list. Stay tuned!