Antigua’s colors, post #100

Antigua’s colors, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Nuno suggested that we should always look up, beauty is on every direction. That is exactly what I did for this shot; although it lacks the beauty that Nuno is giving us in July 2006, it serves to show you the color and quality of light at sunset, as well as you can see the wood beams and roof tiles that are emblematic of Antigua’s architecture.

This photo also represents the 100th entry in this blog since May 1st. It is not exactly 100 days, but I posted several pictures on the first day to get the feel for the design and to have a slide show of the photos I was going to be posting. If you click the slide show link, you can see all the photos in about 5 minutes.

At this milestone I asked myself if I am not being too wordy, this is a photolog after all, and maybe nobody reads or cares for the long captions anyway. So, I decided, unless you tell me otherwise, to have short and brief caption from this point forward. I thank the 9,521 visits people have made to this blog; I am close to reaching the 10,000 visits milestone, which will probably happen before August 1st. Please, come back often, I promise to be brief and I will put more effort into the quality of the images.

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