Guatemalan Cuisine: Pepian

Guatemalan Pepian

Yesterday I talked about meeting people and having lunch at La Fuente Restaurant, which is a restaurant I visit often because of their economic daily menu. La Fuente Restaurant is next door to Doña Luisa Xicotencatl, one of Antigua’s landmark. La Fuente’s menu is basically a mixture between Tex-Mex and Italian foods, but for their economic daily menu, they serve mostly authentic Guatemalan dishes; including Chow Mein. Some other dishes from the Guatemalan Cuisine series that I have had at La Fuente include: Frijoles Colorados and Hilachas.

Pepian is another traditional or typical meal from Guatemala. It is based on recado, a tomato, chillies and spices sauce, and some vegetables like potatoes and güisquil (chayote is the Mexican name and most people recognize by this name) along either beef or chicken. I imagine the original recipe calls for Turkey, which what most indigenous recipes use for meat. Most recado recipes are served with Guatemalan rice and the ever-present tortillas. Here is the recipe for Guatemalan Pepian (excuse the Mexican spelling for the dish).

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