Father’s Day in La Antigua Guatemala

Father taking her daughter for a horseback ride

June 17th is the date when Father’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala, always on the same date every year.

Many Guatemalan families come to La Antigua Guatemala on the weekends to have breakfast or lunch in one of the many fabulous restaurants around town and to pass a relax day with the family. One the activities may include a horseback ride around Parque Central for the children, while the father or mother walks next to the horse around the block. Or ride for the whole family in one of the many horse-powered carriages.

In the photo above, I was lucky to catch a glimpse of a father carrying his daughter pink backpack while she takes a horseback ride around the Central Park. I wonder what’s inside the backpack? Other aspect worth noting are the bags in the back of the horses; do you know what are they for?

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