Guatemalan Independence Day 2007 Slideshow and Video

Actividades del 15 de Septiembre en La Antigua Guatemala

How to make a Guatemalan is a recipe that have eluded the brightest Guatemalan minds and puzzles many newly adopting parents of Guatemalan children. My friend Ale, if I may call her that, from Congo Days and Desde Kinshasa spends some her time writing about identity while she can tell the forest apart from the trees. She pointed us toward a French film which touches these issues; below her exact words:

While thinking about these issues I remembered a great film I saw almost two years ago that touched upon many of these subjects. Sandrine recommended it first and I loved the movie. It’s title in French is Va, vis et deviens (“Live and Become“) and it is a beautiful story that touches upon identity, race, religion, adoption, history and love from one child’s perspective.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but the title alone is hauntingly enough, for me, to make me want to see it. Live and become could be the short answer for those searching how to make a Guatemalan from a newly adopted baby. With that in mind, I leave you a short slide show and a video clip of the activities around the Guatemalan Independence Day.

I dedicate these photos, video and sounds to all my Guatemalan readers living abroad; may these vistas bring you home for a little while.

Last year Guatemalan Independence Day activities:

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