Independence Day: Flags are everywhere

Flagman in Antigua

The Guatemala’s Independence Day is the 15th of September. Guatemalans have many ways to display their patriotism, flags is one of them. The problem with the Guatemalan flag is that they come in all different shades of blue. There is even an article in the Guatemalan Constitution that describes exactly what a flag should look like, but this information does not trickle down to flag makers and retailers. As you can see Mr. Bush, this “trickle down” theory does not work (or was it Mr. Reagan; I don’t recall…). So, what shade of blue is the Guatemalan flag, come on, are you going to tell us? Of course, it is sky blue.

In the next few days, I will be posting photos of the different patriotic manifestations that originate from the Independence Day.

My apologies for posting so late today, September 11th. I have several reasons for the delay; one of them is that today is/was my birthday.

Does your city gets plastered with flags around Independence Day?

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  • Well, happy birthday Rudy !!!
    I hope you had lots of happy celebrations, adding up the general festive feeling. I drink to you!

  • Yes, Australia does get its fair share of flag waving on Australia day (26 January) and so does France on 14th of July. In Guatemala do people attach the flags to their windows or do they walk around with them? Are there lots of parades in the streets? Dancing?
    Interesting comment you make about the different shades of blue.

  • I hope you had a great birthday Rudy, let me guess, all those candies in the last days were to your party.

  • Belated Feliz Cumpleaños Rudy.

    Yes, here the number of white, blue and yellow Canary Island flags does increase somewhat around May 30th, Canaries Day, but this isn’t quite as noticeable, because they just seem to love flags here. They, along with Spanish flags and individual island and municipality flags, fly on official buildings and decorate the streets for every fiesta or event. Since there is at least a fiesta a week, this is basically all the time.

    The Govt. has, in official bulletins, also stated exacly what Pantone and RGB colors should be used, but you will still see all sorts of shades of both. The stripes are supposed to be vertical too, but you often seem them as horizontal at public festivities, fairs and other celebrations. 🙂

  • Interesting–you and I share the same birthday! Mine, however, has not been as much fun as it used to be on 9/11 since 2001. Actually, its been fairly sombre and depressing. Hope yours was fun-filled.

    How is the vendor carrying his flags. Am I mistaken or does he have a special holder on his head??

  • Happy birthday, Rudy! I hope you enjoyed some of those candies. Yes, we get lots of flags waving on July 4th.

  • Thanks all for the birthday wishes. To be honest, I am not much for celebrating my birthday, thus it was a normal day at the office; there was not parties or celebrations or anything like that. It is Monday after all. On this coming Saturday, my wife and I are planing to go for dinner and live Cuban music at Sabor Cubano, one the Cuban joints I talked about on May 27th. The live Cuban music there is one the best shows in the whole country and one the best live music shows I have seen in my life; and I have seen plenty since that was my favorite past-time when I lived in LA. This will be more like a birthday celebration to me.

  • Nathalie: if you are interested in seeing what other things people do here to celebrate Independence Day, come back every day this week because I will be showing you just that.

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  • Happy birthday, duder.

  • If you visit my blog and look at the photos in the days following May 17th you can see what independence day looks like over here. Flags and people everywhere, parading through the city with flags.

  • Chantal

    Big happy birthday Rudy!!! (Did you get treated to a cake at the office?) :o)

    I hope you and Esperanza have a great time on Saturday – and that you got to enjoy your birthday once you finished work!!! 🙂 (and that Tito and Camilo bought you great pressies!!)

  • Happy Birthday, Rudy!

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  • Rico

    Hi, glad to see you are interested in the color tone of the blue, a very important difference…Flags as always establish juridictions/venue, the civilian flag lacks the coat of arms in the center and uses the sky-blue tone, the coat of arms designates corporate/military government and uses the lighter blue…All through history flags are modified to advertise the new ownership/jurisdiction…But the civilian flag designation remains the same…The International Law of the Flag is dominate and sets forth the size, color and type of display of the flag of every nation…Civilian is intirely a different condition than the corporate version/color…

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