Independence Day: What about the Peace Accords of 1996

Independence School Parade

Well, just two days ago I told you how the signing of The Guatemalan Peace Accords of 1996 had put an end to school bands and parades because many people felt this was against the peace people were trying to achieve since most bands play martial music. This fact only lasted a few years because by the time I came to Guatemala in 2001, parades were the norm again. Short memory, I guess.

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  • i like the angle you’ve taken, the facial expressions, priceless!

  • Pps

    Ok, but the music played by those new bands is (at least from what I saw and heard) not martial anymore and the choreography changed as well. I had the impression the kids were really enjoying every note played (they had those extra-large smiles from ear to ear) and THAT was not the case for the pre-1996 martial bands.

  • People sometimes forget what they write yesterday so I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot about what they signed 10 years ago!

  • Krisz: I did too. This was also a cover photo for Revue Magazine a while back.

    Pps: You are so right about the new music and choreography. Come back tomorrow to see about that.

    Anne: You are right, what did I write yesterday, let me see? 🙂 That is why it’s smart to keep a blog…

  • Glad the parades and bands are back, because what’s Independence Day without them? Not much fun. I like the band uniforms and the hats.

  • Independence days are so colorful, your country wasn’t the exception. Nice holidays!!!!

    Greetings from Perú

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