I read to my little brother

I read to my little brother

Kids reading to kids; now we are onto something!

While reviewing the wishlist for the Caldo de Piedra Library Project, I occurred to me who little things can make a difference. Some items in the list include wooden signs, cd player, dvds, pigeon hole cupboard… an so on. Check it for yourself. I know I will be donating a set children’s books in Spanish and others little things in the list.

I am a firm believer of library projects and non-institutionalized education since I, myself, was one of those kids. Like the motto for the Probigua’s bibliobús reads, “if you read, you succed“. With the quote below, I finished last year’s overview of the Mobile Library Project of Probigua.

…I am living proof that education, reading and libraries are a solid ladder through which one can climb to success, whatever one decides that is. If I was not an Art Director/Graphic Designer, I would be a librarian.

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