Billboards and Large Banners and Signs are Prohibited in Antigua

Billboards and Large Banners and Signs are Prohibited in Antigua

Somethings or their absence, really, make the lifestyle of La Antigua Guatemala very pleasant. The absence of billboards, banners and large signs make the whole colonial experience more enjoyable and authentic.

Large advertising is another huge contrast between the ‘new’ Guatemala City and the ‘old’ Guatemala City (La Antigua Guatemala for you). As Manolo said to me a few days ago, the chaos and visual noise provided by the millions of signs, billboards, banners, flag signage with their vibrant-strong-in-your-face colors and messages can have an enormous impact on your stress levels to the point that you want to puke. I agree with him totally.

The unregulated ferocious business practices have made of Guatemala City a mammoth of billboards and advertising signs that can cause severe headaches and deadly accidents. I mean, only those with unchecked titanic avarice and greed would put gigantic television screens on top Calzada Roosevelt, the largest 8-lane artery of Guatemala City. Come on, like if anyone needs any more distractions in the wild-wild-west-traffic of Guatemala City.

The same aggressiveness and greed show up often in La Antigua Guatemala with businesses who don’t know, don’t care, and don’t give a damn about the laws and policies that prohibit billboards, large signs, banners, huge flags, and stick-out signs (known locally as letreros banderas) within 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) from the entrances of La Antigua Guatemala. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro businesses; I just happen to believe that there are so many more effective and creative ways to promote a business. I should know since I am graphic designer. 😉

And you know that I have an unchecked passion for signs, right?

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