Nispero Tree in the Garden

Nispero Tree in the Garden

I’m amazed by the abundance and variety of fruit in Guatemala. My chapí­n friends lament the relatively poor selection here, and miss the freshness. One family I know has coconut, papaya, and banana trees towering over their house in Chiquimula. Their fruitful trees seem like such an unimaginable luxury to me. — Janna

Come on! This is not fair! At least they are not “misperos” [Nisperos] (which are my favorite fruit); or “mangos verdes”; but anyways you found a way to tortur me, I am drooling for some Jocotes! —Nadia

One can find fruit trees in the houses in and around La Antigua Guatemala. For instance, in the picture above you can see the nispero trees towering over the roof of this house. One can also see lemon, orange and coffee tress in this house. Nisperos are known as sapodilla and naseberry in other countries. Want to know more about the nispero? Follow the white rabbit.

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