Fresh Produce at Antigua’s Market

Fresh Produce at Antigua's Market

You can go every day to el mercado (market) of La Antigua Guatemala, but if you go Monday, Thursday or Saturday, you can find a larger market (about twice as big) and the best selection and quality are available in dí­as de mercado (market days). You also find a crowded market on those days.

In the picture above was taken at the fresh produce area (well, one of the areas). I really enjoy the sights of such an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, some just harvested the day before.

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  • raidar

    Wonderful picture! Any chance it could be wallpaper?

  • MO

    Rudy, Nice picture. I can just imagine the fruity smells of all that fruit all in one place.

    The other day you wrote the following on the “jocotes” post “The other day I was brave enough to enter the mercado of Antigua Guatemala, camera in hand.” I was wondering what you meant by that. If possible can you elaborate on this.

  • Claudia

    Hi MO – I think, (please feel free to intercept Rudy) Rudy meant that you can’t have anything of value on the streets, especially the mercados which are known to be crawling with pick pockets and robbers. I’m sure a digital camera would be right up their alley.

  • @MO, Claudia just answered brilliantly and much better than I can. Too many thieves! 🙁

  • I’m amazed by the abundance and variety of fruit in Guatemala. My chapín friends lament the relatively poor selection here, and miss the freshness. One family I know has coconut, papaya, and banana trees towering over their house in Chiquimula. Their fruitful trees seem like such an unimaginable luxury to me.

  • @Raidar, I think this image is too noisy to be a wallpaper. 🙁 But, if you still want it, I’ll ship it via email.

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  • Hazmatmick

    Not to say there aren’t pickpockets in the markets or streets of Antigua but the difference between La Antigua and many cities in the US is that here in the US the pickpocket with shoot and kill you before he picks your pocket. 
    I travel to Central America each year for five or six weeks and have never encountered a problem.  But I do use some logic and common sense in my decisions.  I don’t hesitate to walk throughout the tunnel-like maze of the inner market of La Antigua and shop for everything from fruit to socks and souvenirs.  I do not flash lots of money or show off expensive jewelry, I don’t stumble around the streets drunk or other “Tourist Behaviors” that just scream ROB ME.     
    Act like you have some sense and you will be fine.  Enjoy La Antigua, it’s a lovely place.