Colonial Style Door Knocker and Knob

Colonial Style Door Knocker and Knob

Lucky me that I learned to have new aesthetic values for things antique and old. Lucky me that I find beautiful and unusual things on my strolls around La Antigua Guatemala. Lucky me! 😉

To appreciate an old colonial town like La Antigua Guatemala you need a new set of aesthetic values. See the beauty of many things in Antigua reside in their many imperfections; sometimes they are made to look like that. For instance, forged metal railings are hammered while red hot to to lose their perfect round or square shapes. New houses are built to look old and used. The same applies to brand-new furniture. The natural paints used on the façades of houses peels almost yearly and new coat are put on the old and after so many years you get really awesome looking textures. Besides, many things are still made completely by hand, thus it is impossible to get two items to look the same; quite the opposite to modern assembly and manufacturing lines where item one millionth looks exactly the same as any of the previous items. People actually appreciate the very old, antique and used-looking, with a few imperfections; the older the better. The harmony of all these elements, used, old, antique, imperfect, rusted, unfinished, peeled makes up the magic of La Antigua Guatemala.

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