New Aesthetic Values for an Old Town

Window and Ceiling

Do I love yellow or what?

To appreciate an old colonial town like La Antigua Guatemala you need a new set of aesthetic values. See the beauty of many things in Antigua reside in their many imperfections; sometimes they are made to look like that. For instance, forged metal railings are hammered while red hot to to lose their perfect round or square shapes. New houses are built to look old and used. The same applies to brand-new furniture. The natural paint use on the façades of houses peels almost yearly and new coat is put on the old and after so many years you get really awesome looking textures. Besides, many things are still made completely by hand, thus it is impossible to get two items to look the same; quite the opposite to modern assembly and manufacturing lines where item one million looks exactly the same as any of the previous items. People actually appreciate the very old, antique and used-looking, with a few imperfections; the older the better. The harmony of all these elements, used, old, antique, imperfect, rusted, unfinished, peeled makes for the magic of walking around Antigua.

In the photo above you can see I am sucker for graphic, illustration like elements in photographs. I like the texture of the terra-cotta bricks, the wall, the window and warm yellow color. A tripod was necessary to get this shot. I hope you like it; make sure click on it to get the larger version.

Plagiarism Side Note: Last week today elPeriódico, my favorite Guatemalan national newspaper, published a photo from this site without permission and credited the photograph as one of their own. Here you can see a scan of the newspaper page, including the photo they took, published and credited as part of their archives. The photograph appeared in December 12th in this humble blog as Antigua’s Cathedral at Sunset. After I wrote them a few emails and posted about the plagiarism in my Crónicas efí­meras Spanish blog (click to read the original entry in Spanish or in English through Google translator.) they publish a tiny apology in the last Saturday’s edition (click to the see the scan). Even though I wrote to them directly to let them know that the photo belonged to me and to this site, they never wrote directly to me to apologize for the plagiarism. After being told about the apology on Monday by a friend, I decided to not continue demanding a direct apology or compensation for violating my copyrights. The irony of the whole incident is that publish my photos with enough resolution so you can view them and use them, so long you credit me, you make no money off of them, no derived works are done from them. Most of the time a simple email requesting permission to use a photo is all it takes; I am easy fellow, you know.

© 2007 – 2017, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Meg

    Rudy, the apology was so tiny I kept waiting for the whole scan to download! The newspaper must be hard up for a good photo if they have to resort to stealing them off blogs. At least, they put your name to the photo. Would have been nice if they apologized directly, too.

  • Meg

    And a very interesting photo, too.

  • Even though they used the picture without your permission and tried claiming it as their own, were you not just a little flattered that they used your awesome photo?

  • Hi there! Back blogging again, only from Mexico instead of St. Paul. Great photo. Good job on catching the culprits who steal!!

  • I love the textures in the photo too — and thanks for sharing you used a tripod. I need to start making use of one!

    Congratulations on being published! I can’t believe they didn’t credit you though! Or maybe that is typical of a lazy editor / reporter trying to meet a deadline. Like you said, all they had to do was ask permission. Jeesh! Glad you took action! 🙂

  • Mary Johnston

    Hi…I met you with Cecile the other day at La Fuente… this is one cool website, for sure!

    Say, any photos of those lovely, gorgeous purple trees around here that are beginning to bloom? I think they are called “Jacarandas” or some such… they only bloom in spring here but OH, HOW FABULOUS! Purple/lavenders as my favorite colors, what more can I say? smile

  • Tozo

    This blog is a real celebration of a beautiful city and the people that live on it. Congratulations for capturing in your blog the essence of Guatemala living. Tozo

  • I’m afraid this is exactly why I choose to resize my photos before I upload them and seldom use any hi-res images online. Mind you, even that did not stop the Cabildo – the Tenerife Island Corporation – from taking and using one of my images, entirely without asking permission, nor giving credit either. We should form some sort of collective to be able to fight this kind of thing.

  • Dear AGDP–I have just returned from Antigua–looking for a house. The moment I leave Antigua until the moment I return–my heart is so helped by your photos.

    We have b een spending time with our teacher in India who teaches unity rather than separation. Your note on “six degrees”, Most pleasant.

    Warm Antigua evenings and best regards.


  • Meg: Welcome back, how was your exhibit? Well they put my name on the photo because I wrote to them and posted two entries in my Spanish blogs whistle-blowing about the plagiarism.

    Sompopo: Of course I felt flattered and happy to see my photo publish by a national newspapers. I just wished they put my name next to it the first time around.

    Kate: I will go visit your Mazatlán photo site soon. Welcome back.

    Lessie: I really like the photo above. It is going into my favorites in the sidebar.

    Mary: It was a pleasure to have met you the other day and I appreciate you took the time to stop by. I hope you like what you see here. For sure the photos will okay most of the time, the captions are the weakest part of the site. I am working on that.

    Tozo: Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful feedback. I try to show the lifestyle of Antigua Guatemala; the good, the bad and the ugly. I am not always successful though.

    Pamela: I too resize my photos from its 7 megapixels original size, but I am a bit more generous with my visitors and I provide a 2 megapixel image one click away. I am not sure I will change that. I like to share and that is why I do this blog in the first place. But I will be more careful about plagiarism.

    Kenneth: I am glad to be of service. Look me up the next time you are in town and we’ll go for a couple of beers or coffee.

  • Very nice composition-I like all the lines, and the color is so warm.

  • Ugo Rene Avila

    Very nice composition. Me encanta el juego de las lineas.

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