Selling furniture on Antigua’s streets

The other day, on my way to work, I saw this wood-carver selling his furniture on the street. I parked and took a snapshot for this blog. Later that day, on my way home for lunch, I saw a car parked next to wood-carver; he was smiling and pay attention to what the lady next to him was saying; his furniture was already loaded on her vehicle. The sale was made within a few hours: good for him.

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  • Pamela

    That is beautiful work and I have just the right space for the seat he is sitting on. Pity, I don’t suppose he does international deliveries!

  • luggi

    Great for him!

    Now maybe he can have a cup of coffee.

  • Beautiful shot; beautiful photo. Thanks!

  • Back again; after looking at the rest of your site, you have a new fan!

  • The photo and the carvings are very nice. I am glad the crafts man was successful in his sell.

  • Great shot! He looks so anxious. I’m happy he made his sale so quickly. What beautiful workmanship. Wish I had a huge truck to drive down there and buy some myself!

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  • Hélène


    I look at this beautiful picture and I am looking exactly for this type of art.

    I am looking for a dinning set found at Antigua Furniture: especially the Las Fuentes and the chairs with it.The bed also are very interesting…

    Is there anyone who could help me with this?


    Hélène Côté, Montréal, Quebec Canada
    (514) 914-3688 or (450) 677-0299

  • Edwin de Leon

    I know that Antigua Furniture is made in Guatemala, and that their factory is Indico S.A. I purchased factory direct and its an untapped source in Guatemala for good furniture. If you contact them they could deal with you directly in Guatemala. you can write to them as for anywhere else, i know that Antigua represents them over the U.S. and Canada

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  • So nice picture! The man i can see in the picture looks so uneasy. There would be my desire to come there an buy something for me. I am so glad to see you in this post.

    Well done!