Guatemalan Chuparrasco

Guatemalan Chuparrasco

Last year I mentioned about that thanks to the wise weather gods, in Guatemala any time of the year is good for grilling and barbequing and to meet with friends for what is known locally as El Chuparrasco; a contraction between chupa for drinking and rrasco, short for churrasco or barbecuing or grilling.

I also alluded to the fact that the dried season, or rainless, that goes from the end of October to end of April is the best weather in Guatemala (which covers part of the Fall, full Winter and part of the Spring seasons) for barbecuing and in general. Well, guess what, this year due the lack of heavy rains, we are having an extended dry season and thus chuparrascos are happening all the time.

Oh life in Guatemala can also be very good, occasionally, don’t you agree!

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