Guatemalan Dessert: Coco en Miel

Guatemalan Dessert: Coco en Miel

Many Guatemalan desserts are prepared exactly as coco en miel. I believe we already covered the en miel preserves before in Guatemalan Dessert: Jocotes en miel. Basically, en miel means in syrup (literal translation of miel would be honey, but in this instance it means syrup or almíbar in Spanish).

To turn any fruit to en miel (in syrup), basically you have to slowly boil it down into a syrup made from water, cinnamon, clove, and panela. Panela is an unrefined food product, typical of Central and South America, which is basically a solid piece of sucrose and fructose obtained from the boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice.

Often, you can also find jocotes en miel, camotes en miel, mangos en miel, papaya en miel, chilacayote en miel, ayote en miel, et cetera. What other en miel fruits or desserts can you name.

Come back tomorrow if you want to see coyoles en miel!

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